Featured Server Information

These are just some of the amazing features you will find in game in Horizon Online.

International Server

Server has been online since 2012 without any loss of our data.

Level Cap is 142

Defeat the mobs out there and become stronger!

Balanced EXP/Drop

Experience a balanced way of leveling and farming.

Money System

Enjoy the different ways of money making: ElureT1, Money Map, Farming.

Token System

All basic cashshop items can be farmed through our unique Token System.

New Productions

Our server offers you new productions: Auras, bracelets, weapons and armors.

EXP Party Boost

Make a full party and get a 10% extra EXP.

Custom content

We offer you a lot of custom skills, instances, KQ and clothing.

Rebirth System

Reset your level 142 character to level 77 and get a reward.

Server Raids

Join the serverraids and have the chance to get rare items in chests spawning for everybody.

Unique features

Enjoy our Equal PvP and Reroll your stats system.

Perm content

You love lvl 76 perms? So do we! Enter the "Perm Forest" to farm on more than 7 different maps.

Available Classes

Horizon Online offers you these five classes to play:


Warriors are highly skilled in melee combat and masters of swords and axes.

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Divine saints who harness the power of purity. A support class with strong defense and attack skills.

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Manipulators of elemental forces, their purity and wisdom will enhance the power of magic.

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Nimble and discrete, these elves with keen sight will guide the strenght of your arrows.

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The Trickster is the only class who is using one weapon for each of his hand to be the fastest damage dealer in the world of Isya.

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